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Regenerative Water for Regenerative Communities 

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We are harnessing nature-inspired innovation to help solve the global water crisis by providing a regeneratively sustainable, decentralized, reliable, and accessible source of potable water to serve communities whose water security is threatened.

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We envision a world where all people have access to clean water regardless of their economic status, environment, or politics, and where the process of providing water is a source of economic and social empowerment, and environmental prosperity rather than a cause of corruption, violence, greed, and environmental destruction. 

Eco-Serve provides communities with a dependable source of potable water that is independent of many of the factors threatening water security for these communities today. It is localized making it independent of corruption or political instability, it can produce water even in arid climates, and it requires no energy for production so even the most remote areas can benefit.

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The ECO~Serve Project is a biomimetic water service setting up a decentralized modular network of water stations where communities gather. Our product is an atmospheric water generator (AWG) called Echino Dome that can passively harvest atmospheric water, producing sufficient, reliable, accessible, and clean water, in both humid and arid climates. Through integrating and collaborating with nature and communities, ECO-Serve is locally attuned, and provides immediate water security while investing in future food security, environmental security, and good health and well-being. 

Mimicking mycelial networks, the ECO~Serve Project is composed of a locally attuned decentralized water system network. The Echino Dome harvests water from the air through a nature inspired nanoskin called Setaria Aqua Comb. Beautiful other strategies and designs from nature are incorporated, all working harmoniously, to maximise efficiency, boost overall water production, ensure continuous circulation of air, and enable it to be effective in arid environments.

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